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Deep abdominal breathing helps longevity

Deep abdominal breathing helps longevity

In the “Decree of the Order” written by the cold-hearted family of the Ming Dynasty, there was “a sucking and picking up, and the air was turned to the umbilical.

“It contains the deep breathing of the abdomen, the anus and the purpose of swallowing, and has become the secret of longevity for hundreds of years.

  The effect of abdominal breathing on fitness extension can be explained at a glance with physiology.

The chest breathing method that people used to be accustomed to, accounts for about 4/5 of the total lungs in the middle and lower lobe of the lungs for a long time. When it is old, it is easy to be cold and cold.

If every breath passes through the abdominal breathing to develop all the alveoli in the middle and lower lobe in time, and also enables passive movement of the intra-abdominal organs, it can prevent many diseases, and will give more oxygen to the blood, thus benefiting the heart andThe physiology of the whole body.

  Everyone in the breath of the first breath of the air has been breathing all lungs.

In addition, everyone uses a pair of belts, which limits abdominal breathing. The result is that the lungs are very consuming, the lungs are too stagnate, and the running diseases of the elderly lungs are mostly invading the middle and lower leaves.

  The reason why deep breathing has such a large effect is that the amount of gas that normal people inhale and exhale every time is only 400?
500 ml, and the deepest breath, 3500 ml for men and 2500 ml for women, which is 8 times the normal inspiratory, so that life can get a lot of energy.