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Reduce heartbeat life

Reduce heartbeat life

Modern scientific research proves that in the normal range, the length of life is inversely proportional to the speed of heartbeat, that is, people with slow heart rate have a long life.

Although human death has multiple indications, cardiac arrest is one of the most important signs of death.

Once the heartbeat stops, the creature enters death.

This shows that life is closely related to heartbeat.

Under normal circumstances, people with slow heart rate have a long life, both in humans and in many animals.

  You can use a variety of methods to reduce your heart rate, such as physical activity, Qigong exercise, mental health and sleep.

  Regular physical activity, whether physical or physical, can improve the function of the cardiovascular system, make the heart muscle strong, slow heartbeat and lower blood pressure.

People who have been physically active for a long time have a slow heartbeat when they are quiet, and the amount of blood output per beat is reduced. The increase in heartbeat during exercise is not as much as that of the average person, but the output of blood is much.

  If the average life expectancy of a person is 70 years old and the average heart rate at rest is 70 times per minute, then the number of heartbeats in a lifetime is about 25.

800 million times.

For those who regularly participate in physical activity, the number of heartbeats can be reduced to 60 or less per minute, calculated at 60 per minute, and a total of 2.2 billion beats in 70 years.

If you add 1 hour of exercise per day, the heart rate is 150 times per minute, for a total of 23.

400 million times.

Jump 2 less than the average person.

400 million times, on average, exercisers can live more.

2 years old.

Although this simple numerical calculation cannot explain all the problems, the long-term persistence of physical activity has a great heart potential, a healthy heart function, and thus a long life, which is physiologically based.