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How do high blood pressure patients get through the cold?

How do high blood pressure patients get through the cold?

In the next two days, the winter is over. After the winter, the weather is getting colder. It is a “gateway” for hypertensive patients. It is slightly negligent and can easily lead to stroke, acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, etc., endangering health.And life.

So, how can high blood pressure patients get a good winter?

  ● Emotional and happy, angry, worried, thinking, sad, fearful, shocked these emotions, under normal circumstances, it will not cause illness, but if it is too much to cause disease.

Hypertensive patients face the hurricane, the rainy and the hazy weather, the yang in the body is easily disturbed and become depressed, wilting, depressed, and easy to raise blood pressure.

Therefore, patients with hypertension should learn to master their own “seven emotions.”

Psychosomatic medical research shows that good mood is conducive to the normal regulation function of the neuroendocrine system and maintain blood pressure stability.

  ● There are always Chinese medicine practitioners who attach great importance to the principle of “having a regular life and not doing work”.

Hypertensive patients need to have regular living, sometimes work, work and rest, in accordance with the natural laws of winter, go to bed early to raise Yang, get up after sunrise to nourish Yin, ensure 8 to 9 hours of sleep, nap 30 to 60Minutes help the body’s yin and yang harmony and prevent blood pressure fluctuations.

Also pay attention to when getting out of bed should be slow and should not be anxious, wash with warm water, insist on using hot water to soak your feet before going to bed every night, after washing, massage the lower limbs “Zusanli”, the soles of the feet “flushing spring” and other points, can strengthen the body and press the antihypertensive effect.

  ● Cold and warm winter, hypertensive patients should always listen to the weather, add clothes according to the weather changes, wear underwear, cotton jackets, cotton trousers with pure cotton cloth, and then put on the outerwear, can resist the cold; shoes and socks should be warm and breathable, hygroscopicWell, the soles should be non-slip, and the feet are warm and comfortable.

Do not go out in the stormy weather on the cold wave to avoid cold stimulation; the room should keep the air fresh, suitable temperature and humidity.

Whether using heating or air conditioning, the room temperature is around 18 ° C and the humidity is 55%.

  ● Diet should avoid the diet of hypertensive patients to be light, the meals eaten three meals a day, pay attention to the thickness and mix, the vegetarian diet is appropriate, the variety is varied, the diet is good, often eat fresh vegetables, edible fungi, seafood andbean products.

In the winter, if you are not thirsty, you should drink boiled water or light tea water, and properly replenish water, which is good for replacing clean blood and ensuring smooth blood circulation.

In the winter, if the elderly use beef and mutton, the dog meat is tonic to keep out the cold, remember not to overdo it, so as not to increase blood lipids and increase blood viscosity.

People with high body fat and dyslipidemia should control the intake of high-fat, high-calorie diets, non-infectious wines, so as not to cause blood pressure fluctuations and accidents.

  ● Adhere to the drug winter season, the blood pressure of patients with hypertension is generally improved, such as taking it lightly, prone to stroke and increase the risk of sudden cardiac death.

Therefore, follow the doctor’s instructions and insist on taking antihypertensive drugs suitable for your condition to maintain your blood pressure at the ideal level of 120/70 mm Hg.

Also be careful not to lower the blood pressure, and suddenly stop the drug, so as to avoid a rebound and a hypertensive crisis.

During treatment, you should learn to self-test blood pressure, adjust the dose according to the blood pressure, to prevent blood pressure from falling too low, so as to avoid a stroke.

  ● Moderate exercise winter, hypertensive patients must choose exercise programs anyway, according to their physical condition, high blood pressure, to master the amount of exercise, to feel comfortable.

For example, when walking, when walking, standing and moving, you can get proper exercise and adjust your mood.

Tai Chi Chuan is a good physical therapy for high blood pressure. One stroke is gentle and soothing. It uses the mind to guide the movement, relaxes the posture, concentrates on the mind, and calms the mind.

This combination of motion and static, the combination of form and spirit, helps regulate the function of the cranial nerves, prolongs the decline of arterial blood vessels, improves systemic circulation and microcirculation, and thus lowers blood pressure.

In addition, exercise health should also pay attention to the knowledge and change.

Persistent physical exercise is good for health and stabilizes blood pressure.

However, patients with moderate to severe hypertension should reduce the amount of exercise; if there is severe arrhythmia, bradycardia, or frequent angina pectoris, do not reluctantly exercise, and the symptoms disappear after treatment.Under the guidance of a doctor, choose the right exercise program to exercise.