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Breakfast is very important, 7 days of breakfast, children learn well, the whole family is good!

Breakfast is very important, 7 days of breakfast, children learn well, the whole family is good!

Good habits are gradually developed in the constant insistence, just take breakfast, eat breakfast, I am used to getting up early in the morning, happy to prepare breakfast.

Mr. Chai Mi and Xiao Xiaoqi are also used to eating at the table and eating carefully. Then they go to work at school. Every day, life is repeated, although it is plain, but very warm.

This weekend, it’s time to share a week’s breakfast.

For the new week, I wish you all a good meal, a good body and a happy heart!

[Chai rice rice and sweet small seven breakfast diary]2018.


10, Monday.

Breakfast: millet porridge, bean paste bread, boiled eggs, fan cucumber, apple.

Millet porridge is one of my favorite porridges. It is cooked until it is thick, and then it is slightly thickened with water. The entrance is especially fragrant, and one bowl is full.

Bean paste bread, I made it with rice cooker, it is softer than steamed bean paste, and it is crunchy underneath, soft on the top, especially delicious.

The practice is very simple. Just put the packaged bean paste bag in the rice cooker and wake up twice to double the size. Press the cooking button directly. The time is up to natural.

Today the weather is hot, no cooking, boiled a few eggs and took a cucumber, with bean paste and millet porridge is very suitable.

[Chai rice rice and sweet small seven breakfast diary]2018.


11, Tuesday.

Breakfast: egg cake, white rice porridge, broccoli fried carrots, mango.

This omelet is a high-quality breakfast staple on my breakfast table. It is very simple and doesn’t have to be done, it is very fast.

First add 1 tablespoon of salt to the flour, add two eggs, add water, stir into a delicate batter, pour it into a pan and spread it flat, then pour in the egg liquid and spread it, sprinkle with black sesame seeds, and sift on both sides of the goldenIt is.
The cake thus removed is fluffy and soft, and it is also very strong, and it is nutritious and convenient for breakfast.

Broccoli and carrots are boiled in water, fried with minced garlic, less salt, less oil, very suitable for breakfast.

White rice porridge can be reserved for rice cookers, or it can be cooked in the morning without wasting a lot of time.

[Chai rice rice and sweet small seven breakfast diary]2018.


12, Wednesday.

Breakfast: carrot meat rolls, freshly ground soy milk, fried eggs, cucumber mixed with onions.

This morning, 10 minutes earlier than before, the steamed carrot rolls, Xiaoqi and Mr. Chaimi are particularly fond of eating.

This meat roll is made in the homepage of the production process. If you like it, you can flip it in front.

I also cooked the soy milk this morning. Soaked soy beans before going to bed last night, I started to grind the soy milk in the morning.

The soymilk grinded by the soymilk machine was filtered twice, and it was thick and fragrant after cooking. It was much better than the one sold outside.

The soy milk is cooked and the meat rolls are steamed.

I took a cucumber and took some onions very appetizing.

[Chai rice rice and sweet small seven breakfast diary]2018.


13, Thursday.

Breakfast: egg fried rice, blood glutinous rice porridge, boiled eggs, garlic chicken, cantaloupe.

I have missed a lot of fried rice for many days. I missed this morning and cut a carrot with a ham. I fried a large plate of fried rice and three people ate.

The bloody rice porridge that was ordered by the rice cooker last night was very soft, and it was especially good to drink a bowl in the morning.

I like breakfast with a dish. Most of the time, it is based on vegetarian dishes. Today’s chicken head is very small, very fresh, and better than small green vegetables. After adding the minced garlic, it is delicious.It is.A new day, have a good breakfast and work hard!

[Chai rice rice and sweet small seven breakfast diary]2018.


14, Friday.

Breakfast: radish pork cake, millet sweet potato porridge, boiled eggs, cucumber mixed with purple cabbage, crisp pear.

The breakfast this morning is all made now, and it takes a little time to make the cake, but in the morning it comes up with warm water and noodles, and the dough wakes up very quickly.

Prepare the fillings, make the salad, and the dough will wake up. Put the dough into the filling, stuff it into a cake, and cook it in a pot. It will be branded soon.

Purple cabbage and cucumber together, you only need to cut everything, with salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil and mix thoroughly, simple, nutritious, delicious, the rest are done in minutes.

To be honest, breakfast is a habit, it is very simple, and it will not take too much time.

[Chai rice rice and sweet small seven breakfast diary]2018.


15, Saturday.

Breakfast: homemade fritters, red dates millet porridge, cantaloupe, minced meat radish, boiled eggs.

I haven’t eaten fritters for a long time. I wake up this morning and I use the fritters fried with milk and eggs and noodles.

Yeast and baking soda were put in the noodles. The taste was soft and strong, and the fritters that I made were clean and relatively healthy. It was good to eat occasionally.

The detailed practice of the fritters, I also had a tutorial in front of me, looking for the front of the need.

In addition, fried radish with minced meat, this season’s radish is very watery, fresh and refreshing, very suitable for breakfast.

With a bowl of millet porridge, one person boiled eggs to add protein, a few pieces of honeydew melon after dinner, breakfast is perfect.

[Chai rice rice and sweet small seven breakfast diary]2018.


16, Sunday.

Breakfast: multi-layered noodle cake, millet glutinous rice porridge, cucumber scrambled eggs, garlic and cabbage.

This weekend, Mr. Chai Mi does not go to work, and Xiao Qi does not go to school. I feel sleepy until 7 o’clock in the morning. It feels good to sleep.

Breakfast is very quick, first wash the millet and glutinous rice, and cook the porridge.

And a piece of noodles, the cucumber scrambled eggs and cabbage in the process of proofing up.

After the noodles are made, use the electric pancake to pancake the time, and then fry the two dishes, and the breakfast is perfect in 40 minutes.

By the way, today’s cake is particularly delicious, soft and fragrant, and the level is also very much. In a few days, I will share the specific practice of this cake.