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Old bed equipment should be disinfected every half month

Old bed equipment should be disinfected every half month

Since entering the volts, the weather is sultry, the air humidity is high, and the number of dermatitis patients is increasing.

Experts advise: the elderly are high-risk people with summer dermatitis, should pay attention to prevention.

  Yesterday morning, Peng Yu, who lives in Yongqing Street, Hankou, reset, the tail is covered with red rash, itching is difficult, and it is broken after scratching.

Peng Yu came to the dermatology examination of the Eighth Hospital of Wuhan City and found that several patients in the waiting room were the same as their own symptoms, and they were all elderly.

  Director Wang Xiaoxia said: Summer is a high incidence of various types of dermatitis, mainly due to allergic dermatitis caused by sweat stimulation, insect bite dermatitis caused by mosquito bites.

In addition, the humidity of the air is large, and the insects are easily infected in the bedroom, causing retinal dermatitis.

  The department recently received more than 10 cases of dermatitis every day, and 80% of them were elderly people over the age of 50.

  Why do summer dermatitis “favor” the elderly?

Director Wang explained: Compared with young people, the elderly have poor skin tolerance.

Too many elderly people with arthritis, rheumatism and other diseases, indoors can not open air conditioning or air conditioning temperature is higher, sweat too much to stimulate the skin, prone to dermatitis.

  Experts suggest: in high temperature weather, the elderly should try to sweat less, the bath water temperature should not be too high, should wear cotton clothing, food is light.

Sheets, mats are best to kill a locust in half a month.

The specific method is: first soak the sheets or mats with disinfectant for two hours, then roll them up, boil them with boiling water for ten minutes, then wash them with water, and dry them in the sun.