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[How to clean the hawthorn]_Hawthorn_How to clean_How to clean

[How to clean the hawthorn]_Hawthorn_How to clean_How to clean

The surface of the hawthorn is not so smooth, which may cause the hawthorn to be washed poorly.

How to wash the hawthorn?

If you want to completely clean the hawthorn, you can soak it in salt water first. Generally, it can be washed two or three times. You can also use some cleaning agents to clean the pesticide residues on the hawthorn.

Here are some specific ways to eat hawthorn.

First, how to clean the fresh hawthorn generally first rinse the surface dirt with water, remove the visible stains, and then cover the hawthorn part with water for about 5 cm, and add salt for more than 30 minutes.

If necessary, cleaning agents such as fruit and vegetable lotions can be added to increase the dissolution of pesticides. Use qualified lotions.

So clean and soak 2?
3 times, can basically remove most of the pesticide residues.

Second, how to eat fresh hawthorn Method 1: Hawthorn jam material: hawthorn, white sugar, rock sugar Method: clean the fresh hawthorn, then remove the obstruction, pour the prepared hawthorn into a stainless steel pot, add the appropriate amount of water and whiteBoil the sugar on high heat, then stir until the hawthorn is soft (the flesh is separated). You can remove the kernels, add rock sugar to the pot, and continue to stir. Wait until the soup becomes very thick before you can start the pot.

After measuring, you can pour it into a bowl and put it in the refrigerator for storage.

Method two: Rock sugar gourd material: fresh hawthorn, white sugar, water Practice: Wash the fresh hawthorn, then soak it in light flour for about fifteen minutes, then remove it and continue to clean, and drain water for later use.

Skewer the prepared hawthorn with a clean bamboo stick, put white sugar into the pot, add a suitable amount of water and boil on high heat, cook on low heat until it becomes thick, and the color becomes yellow.

Put the bunch of hawthorn in sugar water, then quickly wrap it in a layer, and it can be taken after cooling.

Third, the purchase of hawthorn When buying hawthorn, it is best to choose neat and straight fruit shape, no deformity, large and uniform fruit, fresh red and bright peel, shiny, no shrinkage, no dry scar eyes or trauma, and freshHigh-quality products with a sweet and sour taste.

The skin color is dull, there is no luster, the surface is shrunken, there are worm eyes, dry scars or broken skin, and the flesh is hard or loose, indicating that the hawthorn is of poor quality. Try not to buy it.