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[Dry toxins and eat more of these 6 foods to quickly dehumidify]_How to eat_How to eat

[Dry toxins and eat more of these 6 foods to quickly dehumidify]_How to eat_How to eat

Moisture in the body is a common situation in daily life. Due to the fast pace of life in modern people, regular eating irregularities can easily cause moisture in the body, and moisture in the body can easily cause certain diseases.Decreasing immunity and other performance are very harmful to your health. You can usually use food to remove moisture from your body. You can usually eat more red beans. Red beans have the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying and dehumidifying. You can also eat some barley properly.Regular consumption of indica rice can achieve diuretic effect and can effectively dehumidify.

Moisture-free foods 1, red beans and red beans can nourish blood or dehumidify.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, red beans are flat, sweet, and sour; they have the effects of strengthening the spleen and water, removing heat and dehumidification, and reducing swelling and detoxification.

Drinking water with red beans can well expel moisture from the body.

Red beans can also be used for soy milk and desserts.

Moisture-free food 2, bitter gourd bitter gourd, bitter cold, heart, liver, spleen, lung meridian, with the effect of clearing away heat and dampness, eyesight detoxification, diuretic cooling blood.

Because bitter gourd contains quinine, it has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, removing dampness and itching.

It can be used to treat complications such as fever, scabies, boils, eczema and the like.

Dehumidified food 3, barley and barley are beneficial for swelling and swelling of the spleen, strengthening the spleen and dampness, relieving muscles and removing paralysis, clearing heat and removing pus, etc., and are commonly used as drugs for dampness and dampness.

Good barley has a medicinal taste, no moldy smell or long hair.

Indica rice can be cooked with red beans, which is simply indica rice and red beans, instead of adding rice, drinking water and eating beans, long-term adherence will be effective.

Furthermore, you can wash and dry the barley rice and fry it in a wok.

Eating indica rice alone or grinding into a powder with a grinder at home can be drank like sesame paste, which is better than porridge.

Dehumidifying foods 4, yam and yam have no direct dehumidifying effect, but yam can nourish the spleen and indirectly allow the body’s moisture to be discharged.

Chinese yam can be fried, eaten with stews, and can also be eaten as a snack or steamed and dipped in sugar.

Yam is better for iron rods. It is a dual-use medicine and food, which has a better effect on invigorating the spleen, and can also qi, which is better than ordinary domestic yam.

Moisture-free food5, the nutritional value of mung bean sprouts is not inferior, it is rich in protein, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, but also rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C contentEspecially rich.

Mung bean sprouts have the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuretic and dehumidifying.

It is suitable for patients with damp and hot stagnation, redness in urination, constipation, swelling and pain in the eyes.

Moisture-free food6, daylily daylily is a flower bud of perennial herb. It is fresh and tender, rich in nutrients and rich in pollen, sugar, protein, vitamin C, calcium, trace amounts, carotene, amino acids, etc.The nutrients necessary for the human body contain carotene more than several times that of tomatoes.

There are clearing heat, dampness, diuretic, stomach and digestion, eyesight, soothe the nerves, stop bleeding, breast milk, swelling and so on.

Damp poison food[Damp poison]The cause of the disease is related to improper diet.

In the daily diet, if you eat a lot of hot and high cholesterol foods, such as fatty oils, full-fat fresh milk, subcutaneous aunts of poultry, fried foods, etc .; high-cholesterol foods such as quail eggs, egg yolk, pig brain, cattle brain, and typesInternal organs of poultry and animals, squid, cuttlefish, etc .; hot fruit such as durian, coconut, peanut, cashew, etc.

Excessive consumption of the above foods, such as lack of sleep, or cold recovery, or digestive system disorders after illness, toxins produced by food residues in the body will stay in the intestines for more than a few hours and can not borrow feces, urineNormally excreted from the body, toxins accumulate in the body, and “wet” toxins are produced in the intestine. Viruses such as “damp heat”, “wet poison”, and “phlegm poison” are absorbed by the intestines and run throughout the body, which can cause various types ofPatient.

Wet poison foods are: pineapple, mango, lychee, plum, longan hair foods. The so-called hair products, loquat refers to foods that are particularly prone to cause certain diseases (especially old diseases and chronic diseases) or aggravate already diseased.

Hair taboo is of great significance in both diet health and diet therapy.

Under normal circumstances, hair products are also food, and moderate consumption will not cause substitution or complications for most people, and it will only induce some special constitutions and some related diseases.