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Can’t eat on an empty stomach?

These health rumors, you really should stop!

Can’t eat on an empty stomach?
These health rumors, you really should stop!

In fact, this question, two: “Can you drink water on an empty stomach?

Can I eat apples on an empty stomach?

Can I wear clothes directly when I am naked?

“The answer to this question is of course!”

Eating and drinking Lazarus is a human instinct, but now it has made such a ridiculous problem. It can be seen that those people have lost the ability to think independently, do not believe in themselves, have been assimilated by the Internet, and are being played in the applause of others.

Santayana said; “Thought is the lever of everything.”

It can be seen that thought is the most important thing for us as a primate species, and it is more important to maintain the independence of thought.

Mao Zedong said: “The situation is constantly changing. To adapt your thinking to the new situation, you have to learn.

Summary: “Can you eat on an empty stomach?

“This sentence has become a mockery.

In the wave of information on the Internet, we must continue to learn, adapt to change, and distinguish between right and wrong.

You can’t eat bananas on an empty stomach. You can’t drink milk on an empty stomach. You can’t eat it. You can’t eat it. Do you think your friends should not eat on an empty stomach?

Can these foods really not be eaten on an empty stomach?

Banana rumors rumored to eat bananas on an empty stomach. The magnesium in the human body suddenly rises, destroying the balance of magnesium and calcium in the blood, which is not good for the heart.

The truth of the last two years is that you can’t eat bananas on an empty stomach because of “potassium” and then “magnesium”?

The rumor is also constantly advancing with the times. Banana is indeed a kind of potassium (256 mg / 100 g), magnesium (43 mg / 100 g) high content, but there are many potassium and magnesium-rich foods.For example, raisins, spinach, even moon cakes, potato chips or something, are not worse than bananas.

Why do you have to compete with bananas?

As a result, even if it is eaten on an empty stomach, the potassium and magnesium in the food will slowly enter the body bit by bit, and will not enter the blood all the time like an injection.

Moreover, the body will always monitor the amount of potassium and magnesium, and then metabolize excess parts through the kidneys and skin to maintain balance.

Persimmon rumors that some people think that persimmon contains a lot of tannins, colloids and other ingredients, easy to form stones on an empty stomach, causing stomach discomfort.

The main reason why the truth eats persimmons causes this discomfort in the stomach is that the persimmons have not been treated with “dislocation” and may not be mature yet. The “implanted acid” ingredients contained in them are very high.

When the human body has a lot of stomach acid, the acid is more easily combined with the protein in the food, pectin, cellulose, etc. to form “stomach persimmon”, causing abdominal pain.

If you have a stomach ulcer and have a stomach acid problem, you are more likely to enlarge the ulcer.

Therefore, among the recorded cases, the patients are mostly children and the elderly with weak gastrointestinal function.

It’s not that you can’t eat persimmons on an empty stomach, but you need to be moderate.

Protein-high fish, meat rumors of protein and a small number of major foods, where the protein content is usually less than 2%, while the protein content is as high as 15%, the trace content is also high.

Therefore, if you eat fish first on an empty stomach, it will definitely cause the decomposition of protein into energy.

When the truth is fast, a large amount of high-protein and low-carb fish, meat, and reconstitution will cause protein waste, resulting in a large amount of nitrogen-containing waste and increasing the burden on the liver and kidneys.

It is recommended to eat some taro, biscuits and other starchy foods before eating big fish.

Hawthorn, orange and other sour foods rumored hawthorn, oranges, such as eating sour foods contain a lot of organic acids or injecting acid, fasting consumption caused by gastric acidity, stimulating the gastric mucosa, causing abdominal distension, pantothenic acid and other discomfort, and even aggravating the gastrointestinalMore gastritis and gastric ulcer symptoms in vulnerable people.

The truth is that people with stomach problems (such as gastritis, stomach ulcers), excessive secretion of stomach acid, on the fasting is really not suitable for eating hawthorn, oranges and other sour fruits.

For the average person, there is no problem with eating on an empty stomach.

Milk, soy milk when drinking milk on an empty stomach, nutrients such as protein replaced by milk will be excreted with excrement, affecting nutrient intake; soy milk is the same reason.

First of all, milk and soy milk are not the same.

Many people can’t drink milk on an empty stomach because of lactose intolerance (some kind of diarrhea). In this case, don’t drink on an empty stomach.
As long as the soy milk is cooked, even if it is an empty stomach, it will not be uncomfortable.
And for the theory of protein waste, don’t worry about it: soy milk, the protein content of milk is only 2?
4 g / 100 mL, according to the logic of the rumor, it is really waste to eat beef on an empty stomach; milk and soy milk contain carbohydrates (more sugar), which will be preferentially decomposed and energized;Protein is not the primary substance for energy supply, and it is not a waste.

The term sugar-rich foods suggests that eating high-sugar foods can cause blood sugar to rise rapidly and even cause eye diseases.

In fact, for normal people, the sugar that is eaten can be basically broken down, so there is no problem at all.

Diabetic patients, due to problems with the function of the diabetic island, it is recommended to eat properly, and it is best not to eat only a small amount of vaginal white rice on an empty stomach to avoid blood sugar fluctuations.

Also pay attention to some “masters” who hide sugar, such as candied fruit, biscuits, etc.

Strong tea, coffee, wine Some people think that coffee and strong tea contain caffeine, often drinking on an empty stomach will seriously damage the gastric mucosa; the alcohol contained in the wine will also stimulate the digestive tract, causing stomach discomfort.

This is true in most cases, but most are large.

Drinking a lot of strong tea on an empty stomach, coffee will consume too much caffeine, may lead to heart rate, chest tightness, palpitations and other discomfort.

Excessive drinking should not be done at any time, and drinking on an empty stomach is more prone to hypoglycemia, dizziness, cold sweat and other discomfort, must not be done.

In addition to the above foods, you should pay attention to these on an empty stomach: you can’t eat garlic.

Stimulates the gastrointestinal tract and induces gastrointestinal problems for a long time.

Eat less cold food.

In addition to stimulating the kidneys, sudden cooling of the stomach may also irritate the heart.

Finally, everyone is reminded that it is not good to eat too much food on an empty stomach. Everyone’s physique is different. As long as the right amount of food is consumed, the body will not cause discomfort and will not cause harm to health.

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