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Beauty Daren Niu Er teacher’s anti-aging advice

Beauty Daren Niu Er teacher’s anti-aging advice

Want to see the changes in age under the erosion of time?

Want to look like a female star always so young?

Take a look at the anti-aging advice of the beauty keeper Niu Er, maybe you can be inspired!


Sunscreen: I suggest starting to pay attention to sun protection from an early age, only because the UV damage is gradually accumulated.

In addition to seeing if the SPF is more than 15 or more, you should also pay attention to whether the product can interrupt the UVA, and also minimize the chance of direct exposure to the sun.


Moisturizing: Moisturizing ingredients are extracted from the most basic glycerin, polyol, uronic acid, collagen, molecular nail (CERAMIDE) vitamin E, B5, aloe, cucumber, rice bran, sesame and other plants, until the amino acid, lactic acidThe natural moisturizing factor of the skin, the content can be said to have everything, which is considered to be a better moisturizing effect of uronic acid, molecular nails are considered to be an excellent moisturizing ingredient with anti-aging.


Antioxidant, anti-free radicals: The largest killer free radicals that have been recognized as exogenously exogenous can be replaced by the addition of antioxidants, thus triggering many antioxidants that have long been the mainstream of anti-aging products, from vitamins.E, C, carotene, SOD, to the popular green tea in recent years, grape seed extraction, Q10 are the most easy to see anti-aging care products.


Promotes skin metabolism: The most famous constipation is fruit acid, vitamin A acid and its derivatives (A alcohol, ASTER, A aldehyde), these ingredients can mainly promote the metabolism of skin keratin, which can make the skin thinner and make wrinklesThe fine lines are not obvious and maximized, and are also effective for even skin tone and narrowing of capillary pores.

Recommended for evening use, best focus or intensive maintenance.


Promote epidermal cell regeneration: Biochemical components such as placenta, DNA (nucleic acid), ATP, and epidermal growth factor can accelerate cell regeneration and normalize skin metabolism. It is recommended for people over 35 years of age.


Promotes collagen hyperplasia: Vitamin C, a xylose derivative called boson, has been confirmed. Some amino acids and seaweed extracts have the effect of promoting collagen proliferation. It is recommended to start using it over 30 years old.

Uniform substance: If there is no black freckle, the old spot will gradually form at about 40 years old, and the trend of whitening and blemishes of skin care products will be combined with anti-inflammatory effect of tranexamic acid, synthetic acid, chamomile extract.Plant extracts are mainly based on vitamin C-derived ingredients. Usually, the dilution of age spots will take at least 3 months to improve.


Multi-sensory therapy: Parasitic cosmetics also have serious problems caused by diastolic psychological factors. A large number of products begin to use sensory stimulation to achieve the effect of compressing and compressing. Usually, the most commonly used products are added plant oil such as lavender.Perform aromatherapy.