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Let your 6 minutes of energetic gymnastics

Let your 6 minutes of energetic gymnastics

The most ideal state is that the spirit of work is a hundred times. How to relax when you want to relax in life. In fact, we are often busy, but we often find that we can’t work hard at work, and we can’t relax in life. Then take a look at this small set.Gymnastics, let you do the right thing at the right time.

  6 minutes to release energy exercise 1, full body stretching exercise: body upright, legs apart slightly wider than the shoulders, fingers crossed.

(The eight specifications necessary to improve the quality of sex) First, palm down, straighten the line, press the palm down for 20 seconds; then lift it up to the top of the head, turn the palm up, compress upwards for 20 seconds.

  2, the upper arm stretching movement: the elbow is lifted, the palms are opposite, and then bent around the elbow.

First, hold the left hand elbow in the right hand palm and stretch it to the right for 20 seconds. Then, hold the left hand palm to hold the left elbow and stretch it to the left for 20 seconds.

  3, body side contraction movement: right hand akimbo, the left hand is extended upwards, then the body bends to the right, maintaining 20 seconds and then changing sides.

  4, chest shoulder expansion exercise: legs apart, upper body down to the level, up and down to lift up to the top, fingers crossed, palms down, force down to maintain, 30 seconds.

  5, the abdomen tightening movement: first sit in front of the chair, grab the chair chair with both hands backwards (must grasp and balance), then try to straighten the legs toward the front, and finally hold up, lift up with the heel as the support pointBreast and abdomen, try to keep your body in a straight line for 30 seconds.

  6, leg stretching exercise: legs apart, upper body down to the level, the left hand from behind to help hold the right waist, the right hand down the left leg, for 20 seconds, then change the edge.