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[Five Spice Pine Flower Eggs]_Five Spice Pine Flower Eggs_How to Make_Methods Daquan

[Five Spice Pine Flower Eggs]_Five Spice Pine Flower Eggs_How to Make_Methods Daquan

The spiced pine egg is actually what we call the spiced preserved egg. Many people prefer to eat this kind of time in life, but how to make it by hand, but you need to understand certain steps and techniques, and most of them are the most detailed.The steps are introduced.


500g duck eggs, 120g of quicklime, 30g of edible alcohol, 30g of soda ash, 20g of table salt, 3g of garlic puree, 4g of black tea powder, 10g of zinc acetate, and 550g of water.

Put the ingredients in a saucepan and cook to 65 ℃ with gentle heat.
The fire was evacuated at 72 ° C, so that the liquid temperature reached 40 ° C.


Put the selected duck eggs into the tank, so that the egg surface is 10 cm away from the mouth of the tank, and slowly pour the soaking solution at 40 ° C into the tank until the liquid level is 8 cm higher than the egg surface.Place several bamboo strips on the liquid surface to hold the duck eggs floating, and seal the mouth of the tank with a thick plastic cloth.


The temperature needed to manage the mature period of preserved eggs after soaking should be 27 ° C?
32 ° C.

Duck eggs cannot be moved after soaking in the tank, and don’t turn the eggs at will.

When the duck eggs are soaked for seven or eight days, one duck egg can be taken out and shined in the sun or light bulb. If the egg is not transparent, you can tap the small head of the egg to observe.

If the protein is completely coagulated, the elasticity is good, and the protein colloid is the best, it means that the soaked egg is mature and it should be removed from the tank immediately; if the protein is bad, it means that the alkali is too strong, it should be immediately out of the tank and bubble into another overlapping mass fraction of 5% Balsamic vinegar tank, soak for about 30 hours; if the protein colloids are softened and not filled, it means that the alkaline is weak, and it should be soaked for another 2 days.


After the crystallized preserved eggs are out of the tank, the material liquid on the egg shells are dried, put into the basin in turn, and the purified water overflows the egg surface, and then sprinkle the flour powder evenly into the water. For every 100 duck eggs, use the staff.5g, preserved eggs are soaked in Ming staff liquid for about 6h, and become crystal preserved eggs.