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Wild vegetables, fresh and ginger, cooking to bitter cold

Wild vegetables, fresh and ginger, cooking to bitter cold

Eating wild vegetables is a special diet. It is very unique for the bitter and bitter wild vegetables, but it should also be noted that the “bitter vegetables” have the effect of clearing fire. The ladies are mostly chilly and virtual fire.Easy diarrhea.

  The season of eating wild vegetables, because the weather is warming, everything grows, and wild vegetables sprout.

The public is able to taste the fresh taste of the “wild taste” and try to improve the taste.

Compared with ordinary vegetables, wild vegetables are born in nature. The nutrient content of vitamins and protein is usually higher than that of conventional vegetables.
2 times, there is no medicinal effect of ordinary vegetables.

Xu Xinzhu, a nutrition doctor at the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that wild vegetables grown in spring have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and stopping bleeding.

  ”Bitter vegetables” have a lot of content, and the most suitable people who have eaten the game under the real fire know that many wild vegetables have a bitter taste. The Chinese medicine view is that “bitter cold and clear”, that is, the natural food with bitter taste has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification.

But not everyone has “hot” and “poison” needs to be cleaned.

Real fire, full body acne, mouth sores, bad breath, impatience, dry stools and other people can eat more, to anger.

However, if you are a chilly physique, often diarrhea, or cold limbs, yellow tongue and soft fire, it is not suitable for long-term eating too much.

The physical function of the old man is declining, the child is not fully developed, and it is not suitable for eating this bitter cold wild vegetable for a long time.

  However, everyone can rest assured that occasional farmhouse music, taste the wild vegetables is not a big problem, do not eat long-term.

A little attention to cooking methods can also degrade the coldness of wild vegetables.

If you are really afraid that wild vegetables are too cold, you can add fennel, ginger and pepper to the warm seasoning when cooking, so that you can retain its medicinal effect and also go to its bitter cold.

  Wild vegetables on the lawn, you don’t want to pick wild vegetables in the spring. It is also a great pleasure. If you have this Yaxing, find a mountain with little pollution and pollution. Go to the town.

Don’t pick it near the road, the street, the sinkhole, or the factory.

Xu Xinzhu said that such places are heavily polluted, and wild vegetables grown in this environment may be contaminated with “dirt” such as unhealthy heavy metals.

  In addition, there are some large lawns in urban parks and leisure places, and it is not a place to pick wild vegetables.

Because many lawns are sprayed with herbicides, the wild vegetables grown around them can also be contaminated with this substance.

Foreign studies on animals have found that if herbicides are used, the male characteristics of the growing mites will become apparent and affect reproduction.

It can be seen that the wild vegetables there are likely to affect the human body.

  For the wild vegetables purchased in the vegetable market, everyone remembers the principle of “safety first”, unfamiliar, and see wild vegetables that have never been seen before.

The wild vegetables you buy back should be soaked in water 1?
2 hours, let the toxic substances precipitate, it is best to boil in boiling water and then remove.

After the strain treated in this way is then cooked at a high temperature, the residual harmful components become very low, and the natural excretion of the human body does not cause harm.

  In addition, be careful not to eat parasites, without any high temperature treatment, cold salad is not recommended.