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Swelling pain, itching, restlessness?

A small recipe for a diet, so you can easily solve acne easily!

Swelling pain, itching, restlessness?

A small recipe for a diet, so you can easily solve acne easily!

Acne is an annoying disease. It is not a serious illness. But once you have hemorrhoids, it is always attacked by this kind of illness. Once it happens, someone will hurt and squat, and the most troublesome thing is that youIf you don’t ask it, it will cause many other diseases, so you have to treat it as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at what can happen with acne?

1, feces and blood in the stool, if there is blood in the stool when the toilet is released, it is necessary to be vigilant. The symptoms that the patient generally shows are blood scars before and after the stool, and the blood color is bright red, but the blood volume at the beginning is not large.It is only when there is a slight bloodshot in the toilet, or when the hand is wiped, there is mottled blood on the toilet paper. Often, the patient has a chance to be lucky and does not realize it, which leads to serious illness.

2, anal pain: clinically often manifested in patients with external hemorrhoids, but when the internal hemorrhoids or mixed hemorrhoids prolapsed incarceration, inflated, necrosis, the patient will also feel strong pain.

3, itching: After the nucleus is released, it will continue to stimulate the anal mucosa, leading to mucus oozing. These fluids will stimulate the perianal, causing itching, and even severe eczema-like lesions.

There are a few reasons for acne. In the era of such a mobile phone, mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. Even when they go to the toilet, people will play with their mobile phones and forget about the loss of time.Enduring squatting can affect the onset of acne.

2, in today’s society, sedentary office work accounts for a large part, people can not afford to sit for a long time, there is no time for physical exercise, which leads to poor circulation of local blood, adjacent sedentary, bloodWhen it is deposited in the lower body, it will not be circulated, and naturally it will suffer from hemorrhoids.

3, the diet is not normal and the food is spicy and greasy, which is also a major cause of acne.

Hot pots, skewers, such spicy and greasy foods flood the streets, people are tired of eating spicy and greasy foods, completely ignorant of their own placement has hidden dangers, these spicy and irritating foods will stimulate and make hemorrhoids congestion and bleeding, alreadyFriends with acne should pay attention to eating less food.

A good way to treat acne: Method 1: Dietary practice: Take acupuncture, 100 grams of brown sugar.

Add 2 bowls of golden broccoli to water and boil to 1 bowl and mix in brown sugar.

Warm clothes, once a day.

Indications to promote blood circulation.

Dissipating the acne complications of the primary condition, and alleviating the pain for the severe disease.

Modern medicine respects the herb, and the product is safe and effective. In the “Acne Research”, there is one piece – Gangtai Junan.

The ointment is directly connected to the lesion by the traditional ancient method, and has good effects on various acne internal and external sputum mixed sputum, and is simple and safe to use.

Under normal circumstances, the use of Dongrun Han Fanggang Tai Junan, there is a significant relief in a week or so.

Continuous use of two cycles can achieve non-repetition status, now Taobao can also find, convenient and fast, you can try the second method: exercise has a kind of physical micro-motion called levator ani exercise, everyone should be no stranger, the method is systemic preventionRelax, the two thighs are forcefully clamped, with the inhalation, the tongue against the upper jaw, followed by the anus up (such as endurance stool), a little pause after lifting the anus, tightly exhale, relax, can be anytime, anywherePractice in a variety of postures, each 90 times, several times a day.

Nursing Tips: 1, still need to emphasize the role of food supplement, daily diet should be corrected light, do not greedy spicy and greasy food, alcoholic beverages should also be rejected, to ensure that every day eat fruits and vegetables, so that they remain unchangedLubrication is smooth.

Drinking more water is a constant health truth. The boiling water is still to keep the series open and defecation.

High-fiber foods should be added to the daily diet, and foods that are on fire should not be eaten as much as possible.

2, pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the body clean, because bacteria can cause acne, so be sure to pay attention to the cleaning of the head.

The purchase of toilet paper should also be cautious, try to use the distance from the manufacturer, so that you can maintain bacterial infection of the anus area.