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Vitamin B2 has a big advantage

Vitamin B2 has a big advantage

Does vitamin B2 have a certain effect?

  Because vitamin B2 is a component of many important enzymes in the body, these enzymes are involved in the metabolism of metabolism, amino acids, fatty acids and nucleic acids, releasing energy for transformation by cells, and promoting growth and development by increasing the deposition of proteins in the body.

Without vitamin B2, cell growth will stagnate and metabolism will be impaired.

Vitamin B2 is also involved in the body’s antioxidant defense system, which maintains the concentration of antioxidant enzymes in the body and thus acts as an antioxidant.

In addition, it also protects the skin, hair follicles, mucous membranes, sebaceous glands and maintains muscle and nervous system functions, and participates in drug metabolism, improving the body’s ability to adapt to environmental stress.

  What is the harm of vitamin B2 deficiency?

  Once the vitamin B2 is deficient, the enzyme system in the biological oxidation process will be affected, which will reduce the metabolism of the whole body and cause various disease symptoms and pathological changes.

Lighter people may have bad breath, insomnia, headache, mental fatigue, oil on the skin and hair, and increased dandruff.

The severe ones can cause some diseases, mainly in the following four aspects.

  Many people in the mouth know that taking vitamin B2 can cure angular cheilitis, but angular cheilitis is not the only manifestation of vitamin B2 deficiency, usually accompanied by cheilitis, glossitis (map tongue) or oral mucosal ulcer.

  Seborrheic dermatitis often occurs in the skin. In addition, scrotal dermatitis often occurs in men, and women may have labiac inflammation.

Because of its lack of inflammatory changes in the oral and reproductive organs, vitamin B2 deficiency is known as “oral-reproductive syndrome.”

  Patients with mild eyes may have blepharitis, conjunctival hyperemia, corneal perivascular hyperplasia, severe cases of frequent burning pain, photophobia and tearing.

  Iron deficiency anemia because vitamin B2 is related to the absorption, storage and utilization of iron. When it is lacking, it will interfere with the absorption, storage and mobilization of iron in the body, resulting in a decrease in iron content and severe iron deficiency anemia.

Therefore, when taking vitamin B2 preparations, iron should be taken together to cause anemia.

  In recent years, studies have confirmed that in addition to the above effects, vitamin B2 can also be used to treat migraine and help improve the quality of sexual life.

Researchers and researchers at home and abroad have found that high doses of vitamin B2 can reduce the frequency and duration of migraine, with the best effect, small replacement and low cost, but it is best to take it under the guidance of a doctor.

Recent studies have also shown that vitamin B2 is associated with quality of life.

When the human body lacks vitamin B2, the female reproductive organs will undergo pathological changes, such as dry vaginal wall, vaginal mucosa congestion, rupture and damage, directly affecting sexual desire, resulting in loss of libido, cold.

  In addition, long-term stress, stressful people, as well as contraceptives and those in pregnancy and lactation, the need for vitamin B2 will increase, should be appropriate.

  Which foods are rich in vitamin B2?

  Vitamin B2 is widely found in animal and plant foods. The content of animal foods is higher than that of plant foods, such as animal liver, heart, kidney, lean meat, milk and eggs, fish and other foods.The content of vitamin B2 is quite rich.

However, animal viscera has a high cholesterol content and should not be eaten for a long time. Therefore, dairy products are a good source of vitamin B2, especially fermented dairy products, such as various cheeses. The content of vitamin B2 in yogurt is more.

For those who don’t like dairy products, some vegetable foods are also rich in vitamin B2. Bean foods are a good choice. The increase in vitamin B2 content is more beautiful than meat and milk.

In addition, leaf green vegetables, fruits, nuts, yeast, whole wheat bread also contain a certain amount of vitamin B2, cereals and general vegetables have lower levels of vitamin B2.

  Like other vitamins and vitamins, vitamin B2 cannot be stored in the body and must be replenished at any time with food or supplements.

When supplementing, also pay attention to processing, cooking methods to protect vitamin B2 from damage.

  Vitamin B2 is different from vitamin B2 in that it is not damaged by heat, oxidation or acid, and is not destroyed even by high pressure heating.

But its natural enemies are light (especially ultraviolet light), water (vitamin B2 will dissolve in the fluid during cooking), alkaline substances, sulfonamides and alcohol.

In the past, milk in clear glass bottles, vitamin B2 in milk is often destroyed, often completely destroyed within a day, the content is almost zero.

Nowadays, various shading dairy packages have an effective protective effect on vitamin B2.

In addition, vitamin B2 is easily lost with water. For example, vitamin B2 in steamed rice only retains 50%, while 86% in pancakes, and 97% in boiled eggs (with shell).

Vitamin B2 is also more susceptible to destruction in alkaline solutions.

Some people keep the fresh green of the vegetables, add the edible alkali during cooking, and unwittingly destroy the vitamin B2.

  In addition, taking antacids or eating foods containing divalent metal ions can affect the absorption of vitamin B2, especially when eating alcohol, drinking coffee or drinking tea while eating vitamin B2 diet, will seriously inhibit the absorption of vitamin B2.